Cloud Infrastructure Management & Services

We believe that fully automated infrastructures are the primary success factors for companies implementing configuration management and enforcing consistency. We treat infrastructure as code to build a self-serviced deployment platform. We are experts in various automation tools like Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, CloudFormation, Docker, Vagrant (and more) to detect and respond to performance anomalies before they cause any service disruption. We are strong advocates of Agile practices like Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Using tools like Jenkins, Docker, and Chef – being able to build deployment pipelines that are highly efficient and fast paced.


Rahi Systems developers demonstrate daily that a fully-automated infrastructure is a primary success factor. We ensure that its processes tailored to each client implements configuration management and enforces consistency.

Cloud Migration

A successful business needs to monitor implementation in order to gain visibility into an application and infrastructure security. Rahi uses cutting edge tools to continuously monitor your infrastructure for best practices.

Continuous Deployment

Rahi Systems works with clients to build custom deployment pipelines using open source tools. We continue to effectively demonstrate implementation of zero downtime deployments.

Cloud Infrastructures

Rahi Systems helps design for Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud Deployments
AWS + OpenStack + OPNFV + GCE + Azure.

  • API driven integration
  • VMs and Containers
  • Scale up fast – Rapid application deployment
  • Burst to cloud now
  • Business needs change rapidly and hybrid clouds allow agility
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