Global Backbone WAN Services

Rahi Systems solution lineup of routing and switching equipment has been carefully architected to support multiple services with multiple QoS levels, ensuring strict, per-service SLAs at any traffic volume – delivered equally over IP, MPLS and ATM with high availability. This WAN architecture design is available in appropriate form factors, with demonstrated industry-leading high availability. We assist with designing, implementing and operating large scale MPLS-VPN back solutions for Tier-1 and large enterprises globally.

Some of our Key Solutions include:

  • Global Connectivity with lots of sites around the world
  • Protocol design and selection
    • Interior Gateway Protocols: ISIS or OSPF
    • BGP using Route reflectors
  • ExtraNet/Private-Peering
  • MPLS services with TE or TE++
    • Layer-3 Services
    • Layer-2 Services: VPLS, EVPN
  • Cloud-to-WAN gateways
  • Ground-Up Provisioning with DevOps integration
  • Operations workflow design
  • NOC/SOC integration
  • Traffic-Engineering
    • Ingress/Egress
    • WAN-Paths
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