Why LaaS?

Developers and testers of networking equipment need on-demand access to lab resources. However, many labs struggle with inefficient and error-prone manual processes that significantly delay testbed standups. Lab managers lack the resource utilization data they need to predict demand. Developers and testers often hoard lab resources, increasing costs and power consumption with no accountability.

Rahi Systems has partnered with Spirent to deliver a Lab as a Service (LaaS) solution that addresses these challenges.

Instant Access to Lab Resources

The Spirent Velocity LaaS platform provides instant access to lab resources through automated standups of physical, virtual, and hybrid testbeds. Automation not only cuts time to testing but eliminates human error, guaranteeing repeatable, predictable standups with accurate resource configurations.

Lab as a Service (LaaS) Platform

The Rahi team brings expertise in the design and buildout of lab environments, including the underlying data center infrastructure and network. Rahi can help customers consolidate multiple developments and testing facilities, optimize power and cooling, implement remote monitoring and management, and take full advantage of the Velocity LaaS platform.

  • Speed up time to market and resolution of support issues
  • Maximize resource utilization and eliminate stranded resources
  • Reduce CapEx and engineering costs and enable power savings
  • Increase testing coverage across testbed combinations and permutations
  • Enable continuous testing in the DevOps toolchain

Benefits of LaaS

Built-in interactive workflows streamline and automate tasks to increase productivity

Integrate with existing test automation and DevOps toolchains

Rapidly find and reserve resources that meet user’s requirement

Dashboards provide insight into resource availability, utilization, and conflicts to minimize CapEx costs

Network Design and Architecture and Data Center Buildout for Calix

Calix is a leading global provider of software platforms, systems, and services that enable communications service providers to build next-generation networks. Calix wanted to consolidate its development and testing facilities and create a fully automated “lights out” data center. They partnered with Rahi Systems to architect the network and data center infrastructure to support remote monitoring and management and high levels of automation.

Our Partner

Spirent is the leading global provider of testing, assurance, analytics, and security solutions.

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