Before beginning a wireless network infrastructure design, detailed wireless surveys and site reports are essential to correctly implement a WiFi network with 99.99% availability. Many WiFi networks simply do not work as intended or underperform. Conducting a professional wireless site survey will save a business both time and money in the long term, and in doing so, achieve a successful wireless network.

Our planning includes visual inspections, meticulous studies of density in specific areas using a predictive model, and analyses to determine if areas are catering to mobile clients or stationary ones. We plot graphs to decipher the amount of access points that are needed and where they should be placed in a specific area based on each user’s bandwidth needs.

Coverage Maps

Accuracy in coverage maps are critical, as our wireless surveys display and record information from all the key areas of a wireless network including received signal strengths, access point locations, RF interference and noise levels. The reported information enables optimization of wireless access point channels, choices of antennas, AP transmit power levels and locations.

RF Spectrum Analysis

We perform and provide a full spectrum analysis – including detection, measure and recording of the presence of RF Interference that could degrade the performance of a wireless network. Interference such as microwaves, PIR sensors, bluetooth and legacy wireless devices can have a profound impact on a wireless network.

  • RF Interference
  • Measurement of SNR
  • RF power peaks
  • WiFi Channel interference
  • WiFi Channel Overlap

Gain a competitive edge using the latest WiFi technology with Rahi Systems’s wireless infrastructure solutions and services.

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